Our Services

We, at Bisss Dental Care, have been providing service since 2016 together with our specialist dentists.

Our Dental Team understands that access to care is one of the major challenges for providing adequate and comprehensive oral health care. Patients are treated onsite with minimal interruption of thier day or without the complex logistical issues of surrounding transportation.

Community Care Facilities

Adults Residental Care Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

Board & Care Homes

Intermediate Care Facilities

At Bliss Dental Care

We Provide

  •   Bedside Dentistry
  •   Oral Hygiene Services
  •    Care For Dementia and Bed-Ridden patients
  •    Care for Developmentally Disabled Kids & Adults
  •    Pain/Symptom Management
  •    Nitrous oxide and Oral Sedation
  •    Assessment & Diagonosis by Dentist(not only by hygienist)
  •   Billing Insurance for Lost Dentures
  •   Helping Nursing home to minimize the cost to replace dentures
  •    State-of-the-art equipment Providing Comprehensive Care at the facility
  •   Adhering to new regulation of The Department of Health
  •    On-Site dental x-rays Pano xrays and Cone beam
  •    Oral Cancer Screening